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The Bowed Tendon Book  
The Bowed Tendon Book

Bowed tendons are racing's most dreaded performance injury. The sight of a hot, swollen tendon strikes fear into the heart of every horse owner and trainer. Until now, there has been little sound advice on how to treat a bow and even less information on how to prevent one. The Bowed Tendon Book outlines the hour-by-hour treatment for a bowed tendon and how to bring the horse back safely to winning performance.
It explains how to spot a bow in the early stages and how to avoid bowed tendons altogether. This book tells why horses bow tendons and injure suspensory ligaments and how trainers, riders and farriers contribute to these injuries. The Bowed Tendon Book tells you how to distinguish a bow from other problems in the lower leg, how to detect the signs that a bow is imminent, what critical steps to take within the first 72 hours after injury.
Ivers explains the best methods for treating a bowed tendon, why some methods do not work, exotic treatments for bowed tendons and the timetable recovery. Every horse owner, trainer and veterinarian should have The Bowed Tendon Book for instant reference in an emergency.
Price: $24.95


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