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Texas Farrier Supply
603 S. New Hope Rd
Kennedale, TX 76060
Fax: 817.478.0204

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Applying Equicast  
Applying Equicast for Beginners Applying Equicast and Adding a Shim for Balance
Watch Now... Watch Now...
Circumference Wrap Method Making a Backwards Shoe with Super Fast
Watch Now... Watch Now...
Super Fast Extensions to Balance a Hoof Loose Shoe or Raised Clinches - Wrapping Method
Watch Now... Watch Now...
Nailing a Shoe on Over a Cast How to Remove Casts On a Shod or Barefoot Hoof
Watch Now... Watch Now...
Applying a Full 3" Cast
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Support & Dissection Laminitis
Equicast & Vettec SuperFast Extentions Treating a Laminitic Horse with Equicast
Watch Now... Watch Now...
  "How to Apply" a Wooden Shoe
  Watch Now...
  Laminitic Pony
  Watch Now...
  Laminitis Vixen
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